Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Internet TV Is the Prospect of Branded Entertainment

A lot of ordinary consumers own a number of ultra-modern electronic gadgets such as tablets, smart phones and smart TVs. Such innovations are coming in handy for brands, giving them a better way of defining the relationship they have with most of their consumers. 
 IPTV has indicated that 300 million and above TVs already connected to the internet would have been sold come 2015. Such a move is expected to reshape the way brands use TV for promotions and advertising. The platform will also end up very lucrative since branded apps for entertainment purposes as well as other projects will be available for downloading through TVs. 
 Currently, brands are sponsoring a number of online content platforms and television shows. Thus, in the not so far future, brands are expected to turn hugely to content accessible on the internet via wireless and internet TV devices, all in increasing their much needed exposure. 
 Obviously, consumers are always watching their TV in different ways. New episodes are mostly discussed via social media online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Integrating TV to the internet will be harnessing this interactive consumer behavior. Brands would love to have their foot in such discussions not only for exposure but promotions as well. 
 The new formats for entertainment will give brands a chance to create original content and host the same within their smart TV app while driving audiences to watch it through teaser trailers and search recommendations including ad slots. This will provide e-commerce integration and allow consumers to interact through a second app or screen, for instance Shazam or Zeebox. 

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