Saturday, August 25, 2012

3 Dimension Content Design in a Top Notch Slim Wrap

Professional creation of content has just been taken a notch higher with ETOS, mostly 3D kind of content. The tool is designed by Daniel Kussmaul and its an awesome addition for architects and designers and superbly blends a pen’s familiarity, touch gestures with a feeling of working in a state of the art pro workstation in a simple form factor-like tablet that tells of amazing convenience.  

It comes with a drawing board made up of cover that can be folded; serving also as a convenient stand adjustable by the varied pitches it comes with. An integrated screen makes sure 3D mages are stereoscopically delivered without the use of 3D glasses courtesy of a technology known as lenticular lens combined with movement tracking. It means a user is able to easily interact with various virtual three dimensional objects through gestures.

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