Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why You Need to Give Web Hosting Some Thought

A significant number of customers of Web host 123-reg woke up to a rude awakening back in April when they learned their websites have been deleted. With over 1.7 million sites under its umbrella, the error in 123-reg code proved fatal for a good number of businesses across the UK, where the company has over 800K customers. While not many bloggers and web entrepreneurs want to wake up and find their sites gone, some do take their web hosting for granted. There's some selective amnesia when it comes to hosting since many forget so fast how critical web hosting is to their business and online presence. All servers cannot claim to be similar. 
Choosing the best web host is very critical for any business on the web-one that guarantees excellent uptime and reliable service. Making it to the top of most search engine results is the dream of every site due to the exposure and revenue it brings to a website. 

Once you've selected the perfect domain for your business choose the most excellent web host. Don’t be lured into a hosting package due to its affordability and ignore other features critical in choosing the right web host. There’re diverse reasons why your choice of hosting could affect your rankings on search engines.

Uptime guarantees
The worst thing that could happen to a site is for it to get down time and again. In most cases, website owners hardly realise this fact unless they take the time to check. On the flip side, customers whom you've worked hard to attract to your website, just like search engine spiders and crawlers, won't find the website or be able to access it. In the process the site won’t be effectively analysed. Actually search engines such as Google flag sites with server issues affecting the website's search rankings. 

Pay attention to downtime and choose servers that guarantee 99.99% uptime without a doubt. In such a case the site will never be missed by search engine crawlers and spiders as well as guests and visitors you would like to convert into buying customers. 

 Mind the location of the server
Geo-targeting is big today and has dripped down to server location. Most of websites appearing on search results are mostly from the place the search has been made from. It means that if you're targeting traffic from the United Kingdom and the site's server is located somewhere in Canada or Australia, the chances of the site appearing on top of search results are very slim. Be clear about the customers you're targeting and find a web host with servers from that area to boost rankings on search engines.

Data connection problems
It's possible like many others you've come across an internal server error or connection database failure issue. The problem is usually the web host used and affects mostly websites with an increase in traffic the server finds hard to deal with. Evidently, you would like traffic to keep going up but when your web host can't keep up the server crashes as a higher bandwidth allocated is hard to maintain. As the downtime goes up, all your search engine optimisation efforts will be affected, damaging your ranking as well. 

Faster page loads better customer experience
The web offers everyone lots of options to go with. If your site is taking forever to load, obviously someone will move to another site and close yours; probably flag it down never to return due to the appalling experience. Google also takes page load speed seriously. Websites that load faster give visitors a wonderful experience, boost their engagement with the site and improve their ranking on Google. On the flip side, a site with a poor page load will lose its ranking on search engines equally fast. 

Take some time to research the best web host; not all are equal or the same. The last thing you want is invest heavily online only to lose it all due to a poor web hosting service.