Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Highly Effective Anti Aging and Weight Loss Program

Sensa weight loss program is a new phenomenon that is transforming anti aging and fitness dreams without exercises. Sensa makes use of the sense of smell and taste to deal with unwanted weight. Sprinkling Sensa in your food will make you feel full fast since your mind is stimulated to inform the body that you are ready to give up eating.

Sensa was found to be highly effective after a long study was concluded on the non-prescription weight loss product. After a 6 month period, 1436 men and women between the ages of 19 and 55 who had used the product on everything they ate lost around 30.5 pounds each. There is yet to be another weight loss product with such remarkable clinical results.

The sensa diet looks like a simple regimen that weight loss enthusiasts should not ignore. Fragrance from sensa enters your nose and moves to the nerve receptors. The receptors send signals the brain to stimulate the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb accordingly signals the satiety center within the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus transmits signals to the anterior pituitary gland that creates the discharge of the body's hormones that suppresses hunger and appetite.

Everyone knows that physical nerves of smell and taste are inter-connected. As you eat, the two senses interact to stimulate a part of the brain known as the "satiety center," which informs the body that you are ready to give up eating. By improving smell (physical input), sensa controls the brain-stomach relationship and triggers the "feel full" signal.

When you initially begin the Sensa program, the product is left to do everything. With time, you will start to understand meal control and to develop a healthy eating routine, without the need to quit all your favorite meals. Sensa is made up of maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica, natural and artificial tastes, carmine, soy and some milk elements.

The main advantage of sensa weight reduction program is convenience. You do not have to bother with the quantity of calories and carbohydrates that you consume. Sensa, the sprinkle diet continues to be adopted by many weight reduction enthusiasts, but like all other drugs or dietary products, learn its effectiveness from the point of view of a customer who has been using it for some time. As you start the sensa weight loss program, know that you need to adopt other anti aging processes for the overall effect of looking youthful and healthy for a long life.

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