Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Benefits of 2 oz Plastic Shot Glasses

You can cut costs as well as your energy by utilizing 2 oz plastic shot glasses at your bar, party or large event. They are made from durable plastic and are disposable, which means you do not need to bother about cleaning them up at all! Plus, they make great support drink tokens.

If you operate a bar, restaurant, or some other kind of catering based business that serves drinks, you will be amazed at the range and kinds of glasses you will get in plastic form. Obtainable in a multitude of colors and shapes, 2 oz plastic shot glasses also provide a chance for any bar to include just a little touch of originality and atmosphere that conventional glasses might not offer.

For bars or clubs that serve individuals above the age of 20, 2 oz plastic shot glasses may even improve sales, since they are well-liked in nightclubs. These kinds of glasses can be of top quality with images or writings, meaning you can use them with the name or logo of your club or bar on them.  You can also get martini 2 oz plastic shot glasses which are built from two pieces and are suitable for outside occasions or beer gardens.

You will find a couple of materials that 2 oz plastic shot glasses are made of, such as thermoplastic that is absurdly difficult to break, making these glasses well suited for more chaotic conditions. Obviously, plastic glasses are not made to replace real glasses in a bar for instance, but are perfect for that particular time the bar is very busy and the glass washer cannot quite take care of the rush of clients. They are well suited for busy nightclubs dancing floors where real glasses are not permitted, as well as busy concerts and festivals. 2 oz plastic shot glasses have numerous uses than you would initially expect.

Once thought to be appropriate for disposable glass, Thermoplastic and Polystyrene 2 oz plastic shot glass has brought an enormous change on the bar supplies industry lately.

Previously, 2 oz plastic shot glasses were very weak and got damaged easily while being too fragile for busy bars with a little rough clientele.  This is not the situation anymore due to the development of heavier grade Thermoplastic shot glasses, which are more powerful than their glass alternatives.

You will find numerous benefits of 2 oz plastic shot glasses; probably the most important is the safety advantage of molding through plastic instead of glass. Probably the most apparent trouble with glasses is the possibility of getting damaged, shattered, or nicked. The damage on normal kind of glasses extends the danger to throwing out chipped bit of glasses, to being responsible for personal injuries as well as breakage.  

Clearly, the plastic shot glasses are particularly attractive to bar proprietors, whose responsibility includes maintenance of the standard of bar supplies. This issue is further compounded by the increased social night life trends across the world where binge consuming is on the rise, usually ending into a fight. Within this kind of situation the worst tool for any customer to have in his hand is some heavy and lethal glass, which can be rapidly converted into a glass dagger. This is the reason 2 oz plastic shot glasses are the way to go.

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