Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apple TV 2012 Comes with Some Memorable Magic

Apple TV transcends other devices by a lot of ingenious features and improvements. It has been rated as a great TV for those who love buying or renting movies, TV shows and music. Also it comes handy for anyone who wants to browse YouTube content and run through memorable photos. The new Apple TV 2012 allows you to download 1080p content from iTune Store.

Most of the changes in Apple TV 2012 are below the hood. It features a resolution of 1080p and A5 chip, single core. One of the upgraded parts in the new version is the interface yet it hardly supports downloadable applications.

New improvements include the ability to download again already bought movies via iCloud. Photo Stream and earlier recommended resolution stands at 1080p this time round. While the metallic remote has been retained, software for version 5 is now available for other Apple TV types currently in existence. 

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