Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Smiles for Gears of War 3 Xbox Live Gamers

Starting from February 28th up to March 5th all gamers who have bought gears of War 3 on Xbox Live will enjoy fat discounts for all the downloadable contents of the game. Weapon Skin launch will come with a 505 discount for any 1800 points accumulated, Horde Command pack will have a 305 discount for 560 points while RAAM’s shadow pack will bear a 33% discount for 800 points.

Apart from the above, gamers will enjoy more discounts in other features such as Thunderstorm and haze set which will come with a discount of 50% and 33% respectively after accumulating only 160 points. Epic has promised gamers that if the response for this discount will be good, it will organize for another offer soon.

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