Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Retire at 18 as a Freelancer

Retiring at 18 years of age is possible if you can get a job easily done from anywhere. You can freelance from home as a writer, artist, transcriber or virtual assistant. It is perfect for those thinking about entrepreneurism, independence and taking vacations when they want; the workload can be whittled down to a few hours daily for a couple of months. Freelancers can also take their trade on the road and live in perpetual retirement as long as Internet access is assured.

 There are many paths to retiring at 18 and different efforts can be combined to come up with one effective method that works well. Decide what you want to do, come up with a realistic plan of accomplishing it and retire at 18 and a millionaire, like Lillian Eichler did in 1919 as a copywriter.

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