Friday, September 21, 2012

Agreed Causes of Female Loss of Libido and Sexual Desire

Sexual Activity or Sexual Intercourse Pains: In case a female has experienced a rather uncomfortable feeling and a combination of pain during sexual intercourse; they lack the wish to engage in sexual activity for some time. The reason is an effect of the ordeal on their subconscious. Such factors as rape or forced sex highly make women to switch off their sexual arousals and desire unconsciously, a major cause of loss of libido. In addition, pain can also come from a health complication such a cyst or any disease or infection.

Childbirth: Immediately after a woman has given birth, the level of hormones in her body is somehow out of rhythm. At times, this factor and the unpleasantness of labor trauma do cause low sexual esteem.

Obesity:  Females who are obese generally lack in some sex hormones thus the interest for sexual activity is largely affected, causing a loss of libido.

Pregnancy: Just like in the processes of giving birthday, hormones are generally affected all through a pregnancy period, leading to low libido.

Illness: Some serious health issues and problems such as diabetes are known to be a common cause of female loss of libido, such as vagina dryness, hormonal imbalance and nerve damage.

Alcoholism: the effects of alcohol are also a cause of low sex drive in a human being, contrary to more modern popular belief. The performance of sexual activity is mostly affected.

Usage of Drugs:  Use of illegal substances, whether from black-market or over-the-counter drugs has a significant effect on the sexual activity and drive in a woman.

Menopause: Studies are yet to conclude menopause as a real cause of loss of libido but it cannot be ignored. It is important you consider it rather than be sorry later.

Summary of Physical causes of Low or Loss of Libido in Females 
-Anaemia : As a result of women losing iron during menstruation.
-Abuse of Drugs
-Major Diseases and ailments such as Diabetes
-Childbirth Aftermath :  After hormonal changes in a woman after giving birth, or they  
                                       might be too tired, emaciated and exhausted.
-Hyperprolactinaemia: A disorder that is very rare, where the pituitary gland becomes
                                     much overactive.
-Hormonal Abnormalities: For instance, abnormality during the production of LH or
                                            Lutenizing Hormone does cause lack of sexual drive.
-Menopause: Yet to be determined wholeheartedly as a cause of Low Libido but can’t
                      be ignored.

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