Sunday, July 3, 2011

Avatar Software and Artificial Robotic Coaches for Humans

One thing that never stops to amaze is how people are always in search of a business consultant, mentor or a personalized coach in their different facets of life. In ten years, the number of all these professionals has been increasing tremendously. While many wonder what might be really happening, the truth is that people have come to think a coach is what they really need and the world has then responded by getting them as many mentors and coaches as they need to cater for this perceived desire.

Nonetheless, a huge number of the programs of coaching education look alike and there is nothing new. The truth is that if a human can be taught to be a good coach, we might not need a human being to do so in the first place. In this case, software can be put into use, intelligent Avatars artificially produced as well as humanoid essential robotic coaches who will then take the position of life coaches, a personal mentor as well as business coaches. In fact, the Japanese have made different kinds of human look-likes as well as robots with unique facial features able to simulate the human voice of the person they are communicating with, thus making them more real.

Avatars are already in use helping special kids to learn, giving children with autism a chance to relate better with their current environment and prepare for the real world. Because the technology is already there, it can easily be used to transform those people showing low esteems, lacking in confidence due to many reasons that curtail them from accomplishing their goals and becoming better people who are goal oriented. Since the program is literally a software, it can be produced in vast scale and availed to many online at an affordable price.

Your personal coach will then be an avatar accessible through an iPad, iPhone, a good cell phone or laptop. It would be someone to speak with and Facebook pages would not be needed to update on what is going down in your personal life, since the truth is that not many really care about you, only a couple of friends or family members and on specific days. All the friends on Facebook are not really friends but just images of folks also after a friend like you to aid them in personal validation.  

Rather than seek a person pretending to be a friend on Facebook to help validate their existence, boost confidence, raise self-esteem and make them feel better, why not let an Avatar do all these? The Avatar just like the friends is equally fake and helps people from talking to themselves or with invisible friends. They would be talking to their personalized Avatar who also is their personal mentor and coach. Once the computers are programmed using the right software and content, the whole issue of mentorship will be taken to a completely new level and affordable as well. Serious issue of low confidence and self-esteem will soon dwindle and who knows the aftermath? 

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