Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Remote Medical Diagnosis New Apps

New apps are helping doctors in their everyday rounds, mostly to monitor their patients remotely through their smartphones. The apps have redefined house calls as the trend in mobile technology takes a creative shape. Two apps recently released are heading the transformation; Mobile MIM by MIM Software and Cardiology by Airstrip Technologies. The apps show how doctors can use phones to get important information about their patients on the go, to the effect of tracking heart scans, MRIs and much more. 

Health Apps Crucial in Medical Circle
 A Manhattan Research in 2010 stated that 72 percent of medical practitioners own smartphones, perhaps the instigation to make apps specific to their profession. Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices have 3,900 and more apps available for physicians, as observed by MobiHealthNews. A number of the apps are offering such functions as information for reference on drug prescription or ability to turn speech into text rather than take notes about patients. Remote monitoring apps however, are the interesting and very important apps physicians are finding hard to live without. 

 For instance, Mobile MIM enables physicians to carry out remote medical diagnosis after viewing MRI., CT and PET scans on iPad, iPhones or iPod Touch. The app is a crowning development for technology, after making headlines at the start of the year after its famous and well-covered FDA approval, the first application app for radiology to do so. It is a free app but the transmission and storage of data is charged by MIM Software. Radiologists are particularly targeted by the app, enabling them to make notes and measures on areas of specialization while image sharing with medical experts.

In a hospital, downloading sent images from a PC takes about twenty minutes but with the app, the process takes less than two minutes, two at most. Specialists have stated that they are able to zoom easily in and out, as well as measuring different things, such as a tumor’s size.

Cardiology app by AirStrip Technologies enables doctors to look at cardiac information in real-time. This is known as EKG, apart from the software firm’s other apps that monitor the vital signs of a patient and fetal health. An AirStrip server encrypts and compresses the data after receiving information. It is then transmitted to the Smartphone handset of the physician. After a hospital has bought the service and system, the app is then provided free. 

Currently, after a patient has been diagnosed with chest pains in the examination room, an EKG is performed on them but the opinion of a cardiologist is needed for the next step. Thus, EKG copies are transmitted via scanned copies or fax to cardiologists. The images are usually very poor in quality and in case they are zoomed in, they become blurred. However, Cardiology the app avails accurate and rapid visuals to cardiologists on the heart condition of the patient. 

Results of the EKG are sent right from the ambulance as the patient is on the way to hospital, to give cardiologists the time to decide on the procedure and reduce confusion associated with arrival.

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