Friday, February 11, 2011

Ways of Making Bail Bonds

After rights have been read to a person and they are taken into custody by the police, the main objective will then be meeting bail bonds requirements if they are to be released. The severity of the charge does matter in ascertaining the bail bond and until the amount has been met, the accused cannot leave custody. However, there are different ways of meeting bail and leaving jail to await the trial at home. 

The most familiar way of people accused of severe or light crimes to meet the minimum requirements of bail bonds is through the hiring of a bail agency. Just about many jails are different bail agencies strategically placed to aid with the process. They offer services aimed at acting as surety that the defendant represented will turn up for a trial. After paying the bail agency the set fee, the criminal will be helped to leave jail until the case has been closed. However, know that the fee agreed to pay them cannot be returned in any form even after the case has been completed. The fee will be some form of insurance premium to them. 

After being issued with bail bonds, one can also leave jail by paying the entire amount in cash. This ensures to the court that you will definitely come back for your trial since after it has been closed the court returns the full bond amount paid. No fees are deducted. 

In case your bail bond has been set high, you can decide on posting property bond. A complicated process, it might require an attorney’s help to be done fully. This is just having your real property as a guarantee that one will appear in a court hearing as agreed. After the trial has been closed or completed, the real collateral, including property, is released. 

Another side to bail bonds involves those who are not accused of committing violent crimes and not seen as flight risks thus released on recognizance basis. It means that these people are released from custody with any amount of bail needed but a signature only that promises after the trial date is set they will avail themselves. The best option is always to pay the entire amount if one can afford it. This means you assure the judge and the court you will return to court for trial and get the entire amount after the case has been closed or completed.

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