Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Road Biking Tips: How to start riding when you're over 50

When you are riding for the first time when you are over 50, the first couple of rides are very important. They can be de-motivating to a point of withdrawing. This can happen when you hear people talking of more than 15 miles of cycling they take every morning, when even covering 5 miles is a tall order for you.

However, do not let this put you off. It’s a normal cycling phase for people over 50, or for those riding again after years without cycling. The first outings you make will definitely be difficult because of under-exercising. So, where do you start?

Choice of Road Bike
The choice of the road bike you start riding at an older age is important. At the age of 50, it is hard for anybody to test ride bikes since they all seem ‘wrong’ initially. For example, changing gears can be tough, saddle uncomfortable or too high. Nevertheless, don’t let this be a deterrence.

Choose a bike pleasurable to ride, the easiest way to get back to cycling. Go for bikes from reputable manufacturers such as Bianchi, Trek or Giant among others. Unbranded bikes might be the wrong choice, since brakes, gears and other components might weigh more or not durable. You don’t want a bike that will put you off from cycling forever.

The size of the bike and choice are crucial.  Think comfort over many miles, appearance, affordability and/or great value. When you are over 50, the right size and choice of a bike is extremely important.

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